Lewisham War Memorials listed on our application

Joe O’Donnell, on behalf of the Lewisham Buildings Preservation Trust, has had two Lewisham war memorials  listed to mark this year’s Remembrance Day celebration- midway through the centenary of the First World War.  The Trust is asking the public to supply the precise location of two other war memorials it would like to see listed.

Joe O’Donnell of the Lewisham Buildings Preservation Trust said: ‘I am very pleased that these memorials have been recognised as being of national interest. The listing means that the memorials now have extra protection in the planning system and funding can be applied for restoration- as I understand the Vicar at Stephen’s Church intends to. I hope the public will contact the trust with the precise location of two other civilian war memorials in Ladywell cemetery. Lewisham has a great number of historic buildings. The Lewisham Buildings Preservation Trust want to make sure that they are recognised and protected.’

The first War Memorial to be Grade II listed on the Trust’s application is Lewisham’s main war memorial on Lewisham High Street. The site for the memorial was donated by the Earl of Dartmouth and the Lewisham Park Trustees. The memorial was designed by E A Stone, a London-based architect, with the foundation stone being laid by Harry Chiesman, Mayor of Lewisham, on 6 November 1920. You can read the full details of the listing text here: https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/list-entry/1435882

St Stephen’s Church War Memorial has also been Grade II listed on Mr O’Donnell’s application. The memorial there takes the form of a hooded Calvary cross with a carved figure of Christ. The memorial was unveiled on 3 September 1921 by Lieut-Col Eric Ball. Read the full listing description here https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/list-entry/1437645. The Vicar has stated that following the listing he intends to apply for funding for restoration.

The trust is seeking the precise location of a large headstone in Ladywell cemetery inscribed with names of civilians killed in air raids during the First World War so that it can apply for listing. The Trust is also seeking the location of a cross in Brockley cemetery in memory of those killed by German Zeppelins Raids. If you can provide any information please contact Joe O’Donnell or the Lewisham Buildings Preservation Trust on Twitter @JosephJODonnell or @LewishamBPTlewisham-war-memorial-with-pillars-dedicated-to-the-11th-lewisham-battalion-qs-orwk-regiment

Historic England decided not to list the remaining parts of Lewisham Hospital War Memorial due to the extensive damage it had suffered.  On 26 July 1944 the hospital was hit by a V1 rocket: this seems to have been when the memorial was severely damaged. The remaining fragments were salvaged and stored in the hospital, where they were re-discovered in the 1990s during building works. On 4 August 1998 they were re-dedicated by the Hospital Chaplain, Reverend Annie Shaw in a small garden between Lewisham High Street and the former library where they remain.

The list description for the Roman Catholic Church of St Saviour and Sts John Baptist and Evangelist on Lewisham High Street has also been updated to include reference to the mosaic war memorial over the entrance door. https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/list-entry/1358499


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