Lewisham Council Consultation on the Ladywell Playtower -19th July

We have exciting news about the Playtower in Ladywell!

Lewisham Council is holding an event for the public to attend an initial consultation about the short-listed proposals for the Playtower redevelopment. The event will take place at 6.45pm on Wednesday 19th July at St Mary’s Centre, Ladywell (next door to the Playtower). It will give the public an opportunity to ask questions about the proposed ideas and comment on them.

The Lewisham Building Preservation Trust has lobbied for some time for the Council to start a process to secure the refurbishment of the Playtower and to fully involve the local community in this. That the current Expression of Interest process is reaching the stage that local people will be able to see the short-listed proposals at the public meeting is therefore very much to be welcomed.  The Trust will continue to lobby for a high quality refurbishment of the building which results in a community-beneficial use that includes opportunities for local people to enjoy this remarkable and iconic building.

Those wishing to attend the event will need to order a free-of-charge ticket online in advance here:

If you cannot attend the event but would still like to comment you can do so via the Council’s online questionnaire, which will go live after the event: http://ladywellplaytower.co.uk/further-information/consultation/
Alternatively, you can email: playtower@lewisham.gov.uk

We look forward to seeing you there!


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