About us

We are a diverse group of Trustees with wide ranging professional backgrounds from Lewisham and beyond.  If you’d like to be involved in our work our become a trustee – we’d like to hear from you please email lewishambpt@gmail.com.

Lewisham Building Preservation is a not for profit organisation, registered as both a Company Limited by Guarantee and a Charity.

The trust’s legally defined objects are “to preserve for the benefit of the people of the London Borough of Lewisham and the surrounding area and of the nation, the historical, architectural and constructional heritage that may exist in and around the London Borough of Lewisham and the surrounding area in buildings (including any structure or erection, and any part of a building as so defined) of particular beauty or historical, architectural or constructional interest.”


One thought on “About us

  1. Phil Bateman

    Hi, My sister lives in Lewisham and showed me this fantastic building a few months ago. I loved it at first site!! I’m a property developer specializing in the restoration of endangered buildings. We’ve just converted a Gothic Listed Church in Bedfordshire into 3 contemporary houses. We’ve also just bought a Grade 2 star Listed Windmill in Sutton Norfolk. Said to be the tallest in the country. We’ll be working closely with Historic England to preserve this building. I’d love to see if I can get involved with this project and be happy to have a chat. Please drop me a line or give me a call. 07831 595168.


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